Before: Back yard with cloth
After: Back yard with fresh bark mulch

Why Blow It?


Blowing mulches and soil saves money, time and inconvenience.

Install Landscape Materials almost Anywhere. Allows application in areas not easily accessible by other methods, e.g. hillsides, backyards, rooftops, around sensitive habitat.

It's easy. No need for you to find and organise equipment, materials or labour. The only tool you need is your phone!

Precise Installation. Uniform and precise application of mulches and soil by our expert crews reduces waste and minimizes cost.

Properties look Terrific. Products applied by blowing have a special finished look unattainable by any other method of application. No unsightly piles of bark or soil during installation. Excellent clean-up is the finishing touch.

Speed of Installation. Jobs that used to take days are now done in hours.

Meet Deadlines. Pacific Bark Blowers has 6 blower-trucks and can commit several trucks to complete big jobs on time.

Less Disruption. Installation is fast and is scheduled to minimise inconvenience to residents and businesses.

"Colourise" with just 1" of mulch to inexpensively spruce up properties every year or two.

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